I create with water, paper and paint.

I am a watercolour artist.

As long as I can remember I have been curious about how watercolour works. I have painted in acrylic, oil, pastel and a variety of other mediums, but it is watercolour that keeps calling out, “Paint with me”!

Every time I take out a fresh sheet of watercolour paper, I think of the multitude of possibilities that lay before me.

People who see my paintings tell me that I have a flare for vibrant transparent colour.

The joy and excitement in working with watercolour is that I don’t always have the last word. Watercolour has a mind of its own and if I give it space and time, it will help me create new, interesting and beautiful paintings. I have to allow the opportunities for the happy accidents to happen.

Will I paint in realistic form? Abstract? Semi abstract? Can I add a variety of Thai paper fibres, rice paper, water soluble coloured pencils and crayons? I think of all of these techniques and materials as a melding of painter and paint: a co-operative collaboration.

My subjects are mainly “found objects” that I am attracted to because of their design, shape or colour. I walk daily and keep an eye out for new and interesting things to paint from nature. Antiques and thrifty store finds are also materials that I find intriging to draw and paint. 

Painting with watercolour allows me the opportunity to voice my visual and spiritual self and to share that vision with my audience. My paintings are a labour of love and well worth the hours, days and months I work on them. As well, I am a musician, and derive great inspiration and pleasure from painting whilst listening to my favourite music.

My recent paintings consist of working with a variety of paper fibres and vibrant transparent watercolour paints. I am now painting on larger paper and that allows me more space to move water and paint. I think about leaving white areas of the watercolour paper to let it show through and allow for a fresh look. I am very excited about these new paintings and hope my audience will experience these feelings when viewing my work.

A member of the Elora Fergus Studio Tour


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